strata law expert


Government Departments & Local Councils Strata Disputes Lawyer


Suzie is renowned for her strategic thinking to strata and community scheme disputes, particularly in circumstances where local councils and government departments are involved. She often finds strategic, effective and, occasionally, political solutions to legal challenges.

  1. Attending mediations and advising on strategy in relation to the resolution of disputes;
  2. Advising on and acting for owners corporations and strata managers in relation to building defects;
  3. Drafting applications for Orders in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal;
  4. Representing owners corporations, lot owners and strata managers in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal;
  5. Running litigation in the Supreme and District Courts in relation to strata and community title matters;
  6. Providing advice to strata managers, owners corporations, community associations and owners on strata and community title matters.